Antiques and Fine Art Auction 10am Sunday November 18th 2018 at Beverley Racecourse.

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    1A boxed lot of blue & white ceramics including Spode, Wood and Sons etc.£10-£20
    2Large quantity of ceramics including part tea services, commemorative cups and saucers, vases etc.£10-£20
    3Crown Devon Fieldings Stockholm pattern part tea service etc. inc. 3 tier cake stand, honey pot, teapot, milk, sugar toast rack etc. 31 pieces£100-£200
    4 Belleek porcelain, teapot, 2 jugs bowl and a cup and saucer 1 jug cracked and teapot chipped£30-£50
    5Boxed lot of ceramics to include dressing table sets, slight a/f and various cups and saucers and soap stone figures.£20-£30
    6Yellow ground pottery mug c 1800 "A Present for my Dear Boy" small chip£30-£50
    7Royal Crown Derby tea service comprising of 6 cups, saucers and plates - hairline crack to saucer £40-£60
    8Moorcroft vase 19cms h 'Blue Finches' in good condition£40-£60
    9Russia pattern Moorcroft vase - 17cms h - good condition £30-£50
    10Moorcroft sweet pea pattern vase 27cms h with rose pattern jug - slight grazing to glaze 14.5cms £30-£50
    11Moorcroft Anemone pattern plate - 26cms diameter £20-£40
    12A 20thC Coalbrookdale Coalport vase 26cms h - excellent condition£20-£40
    13Three Golly teapots designed by Jenny and Geoff Morton made under license from James Robertson & Sons - 22cms h (3)£50-£80
    14A Moorcroft pomegranite vase - 20cms h£80-£120
    15A hand painted with stylised tree landscape Clarice Cliff Bizarre vase - 16cms h £60-£80
    16Burleigh ware ware parrot jug - good condition - 17cms h£10-£20
    17Two Staffordshire figures, house and huntsman. House 31cms h with nibbles.£50-£80
    18A quantity of good quality 19thC ceramics including Spode.£20-£40
    19A quantity of glassware including Art Deco decanter, 23cms chip to stopper.£50-£80
    2019thC ceramics including 2 potties, Staffordshire dogs, 22cms, majolica etc (8) a/f£20-£40
    21A quantity of 19thC ceramics including tureen, copper lustre ware, dogs 19cms h, mainly a/f£20-£40
    2219thC ceramics to include tureen, meat plate, tea service, several pieces a/f and large serving dish, slight a/f to base.£30-£50
    23Good quality continental porcelain to include Dresden putti with shell, Dresden figurine, 19cms, good quality lidded bowl, wall bracket a/f£60-£80
    24A large satsuma vase, 41cms h. £20-£30
    25Ceramics including George Jones plate signed R. Cheadle, 2 19thC inkwells, Crown Ducal potty etc. (6)£50-£80
    26Two 19thC Sampson ginger jars, restoration to one lid 19cms h, together with Eichwalde figure with restoration.£60-£80
    27Majolica wall plaque, 30cms d, Parian figure with restoration, Stein, Capodimonte tramp and lidded bird dish.£40-£60
    28Ceramics to include studio pottery, terracotta bowl, oil lamp etc.£40-£60
    29Royal Worcester lustre bowl Crown Ware 23cms d and Royal Lancastrian bowl 11cms d£40-£60
    30Ceramics including Royal Copenhagen plates, Italian tile, unusual figure etc.£30-£50
    31Rogers blue and white plate, 25 cms d£20-£40
    32A Chinese bowl a/f 28cms d and vase.£20-£40
    33A pair of early 19thC Staffordshire figures with restoration and nibbles.£80-£120
    34Two 19thC Staffordshire figures, both a/f, 39cms h£20-£40
    35Bilston enamel ink with restoration, Circa 1765, together with enamel salt. £30-£50
    36Rare Staffordshire figure of Wesley, chip to paint, 29cms h.£20-£40
    37Moorcroft Macintyre "Florian Ware" biscuit barrel 26cms high with handle£300-£500
    38A pair of 19thC blue and white vases depicting cherubs, slight repair to one top. - 39cms h£30-£50
    39Moorcroft pottery fruit bowl 26cm diameter£100-£200
    40Two pieces Withernsea pottery, a jug and plant holder jug 21cms high£10-£20
    41Moorcroft tube lined vase with flared neck 21cms high perfect£80-£120
    42A quantity of English ceramics to include Wedgwood plate, inkwell, fairing and female figure - 17cms a/f£30-£50
    43Three 19thC Staffordshire figures, including castle, girl with dog and seated gentleman 16cms h.£20-£40
    44Moorcroft tube lined vase marked trial 2-11-00£50-£80
    45Moorcroft vase by Emma Bossons 2001 88/250 18cms high perfect£200-£400
    46Moorcroft tube lined vase 32cm high £200-£400
    47Moorcroft tube lined vase 2001 26cms high perfect£80-£120
    48Golden Jubilee Moorcroft vase 2002 20cms£50-£80
    49A Chinese Ming style blue and white vase Guangxu mark and period (1875-1908) neck restored, 29cms.£2,000-£4,000
    50A cast aluminium leaping jaguar car mascot, 19cms long.£20-£40
    51A chrome emergency hatch table - 52cms x 73cms x 42cms h£80-£120
    52A silver plated vesta case of horseshoe form inscribed St. Leger, Hannah, registration mark for 9th June 1871. 5cms h £10-£20
    53Four 19thC Staffordshire figures including organ grinder with a monkey. Slight chips to paint.£40-£60
    54A 19thC Staffordshire cow and milkmaid. 15cms h. Slight chip to hat.£30-£50
    55Four pieces of 19thC treacle wear including gin flask, game jug, possibly Swansea, 29cms h a/f, Wellington jug and Toby jug£100-£200
    5619thC brass and copper fireman hose nozzle. - 38cms l£50-£80
    57Six various 19thC Staffordshire figures, some a/f .tallest 13cms.£20-£40
    58Pair of 19thC continental porcelain poodles with gold anchor mark. 11cms h.£50-£80
    59Two Staffordshire figures, goat being eaten by a snake and Parr and Kent 1920's Zebra, both a/f.£20-£40
    60A 19thC Imari bowl together with plate 21cms d., both good condition. £30-£50
    61Two brown glazed jugs, one Doulton Lambeth and other with brass rim 19cms h.£20-£30
    62Six various 19th/20thC ceramic jugs to include Crown Devon, Fielding's, Lustre etc... 24cms tallest.£20-£40
    63BRENDA DENNIS, Norfolk, a studio pottery bowl in good condition. 22cms d£30-£50
    64Four various jugs to include 3 copper lustre and one 18thC Jackfield, slight chip to rim - tallest 20cms.£20-£40
    65Dogs of Foo, 31cms and a lidded ginger jar.£20-£40
    66Three stoneware hot water bottles£5-£10
    67Wedgwood undecorated lattice basket c1800 with a Coalport cup and saucer£80-£120
    68Chinese 17/18thC porcelain libation cup 63mms high with slight crack£50-£80
    69Good selection of continental porcelain inc. Mre. Imple de Paris cup and damaged saucer, Meissen etc£100-£200
    70Selection ceramics predominately white inc. inkwell, lattice basket etc.£50-£80
    71Chinese porcelain punch bowl with western hunting scenes mark for Xiangfeng£300-£500
    72A 19thC mahogany puzzle snuff box - 6.5cms l £20-£40
    73A cut glass scent bottle, hinged silver lid with repoussé work decoration and vacant cartouche complete with the original glass stopper. Birmingham 1902. maker T.W, possibly Thomas Wood. 12cms h£40-£60
    74A child's American rocking armchair, well covered in tartan fabric. - 70cms h£60-£80
    75Four various porcelain figures all with some damage 13cms max£20-£40
    76Pair 19th c Samson figures 15cm high good condition£40-£80
    77Royal Crown Derby figure of a peacock signed M E Towned and S Kinsey 24cms nibbles to foliage£80-£120
    78A carved two handled shallow wooden bowl. 67cms l x 38cms w £20-£40
    79Five small figures with damages£20-£40
    80Six ceramic plates inc. Ironstone, Minton, Davenport etc.£30-£60
    81Royal Doulton plate decorated with Bream by J Hancock with R W Ann Hathaways cottage cup and saucer and a small bowl£50-£80
    82Flower encrusted inkstand a/f with a selection of 19thC English porcelain x 19 two saucers damaged some staining£20-£40
    83Six good quality hand painted 19thC English porcelain cups and saucers£40-£80
    84Fine quality Vienna porcelain cabinet plate no repairs but some losses to gilding 24cm diameter£100-£200
    85Pair Rosenthal porcelain vases with ladies heads 20cm high£20-£40
    86Mid 19th c part dessert service 2 comports, the oval dish and 3 plates in good order the rest stained and or cracked£50-£80
    87Collection of late 19th and 20thC continental porcelain inc. vases, candlesticks etc. 32 items£50-£100
    88Pair 19thC figures, a man and woman both with roses 30cms high. Lady has head off and restuck and missing a flower£20-£40
    89Selection mainly continental porcelain x19£50-£100
    90Coissoné enamel box and bowl with small Cantonese bowl and a cup diameter enamel bowl 13cm£40-£80
    91Six small porcelain boxes and a Dresden oyster shaped dish inc. Capodimonte£50-£80
    92Selection 19th Capodimonte porcelain inc. lidded cup, casket etc.£100-£200
    93Clarice Cliff Bizarre mug unusual blue blossom tree 11cms h£100-£200
    94A late 18th/early 19thC sycamore dairy bowl 36cms d £50-£80
    95A 19thC heavy duty copper pan with iron handle, 20cms d.£20-£40
    96A Chinese carved camphorwood box with decorative brass fitting. 35cms l x 23cms d x 29cms h£30-£50
    97Four late 19thC bisque figures all in good order 30cms high£50-£80
    98Collection of good 19thC blue ground and gilt porcelain from Vienna, Berlin etc.£80-£120
    99Royal Doulton part tea, coffee and dinner service Cambridge pattern inc. 2 tureens lacking sugar.£20-£40
    100A glass whiskey noggin with silver mounts, Birmingham 1930 by Hukin & Heath with unmarked whiskey label.£50-£80
    101Two Losol ware vases 23 cms h. and a Paragon Ware coronation mug £10-£20
    102Two 19thC blue and white plates marked Rogers, one a/f, 21.5 cms diameter£20-£30
    103Two Royal Doulton figures.The Lobster Man H.N 2317 and The Boatman H.N 2417£30-£50
    104Pair Carlton ware vases 20.5 cm high£30-£50
    105Unusual Royal Doulton dish with chick standing on the rim 31.5cms£30-£50
    106Solian Ware soho pottery shallow dish 31cms diam£20-£40
    107Regency porcelain part tea service unmarked£40-£80
    108Chinese blue and white powder blue ground vase with Xangxi mark 46 cm high Good condition no restoration£300-£500
    109Good pair Chinese blue and white porcelain jars with mirrored panels£500-£1,000
    110A selection of good quality ceramics and glass.£20-£30
    11119thC part tea service.£20-£40
    112A selection of good quality ceramics including Paragon, Hammersley ,Adams etc.£20-£40
    113A pair of mid 19thC gilt and blue vases, slight rubbing to gilt. Approx 31 cms h£20-£40
    114A selection of good quality modern ceramics including Coalport, Portmeirion etc.£20-£40
    115Royal Crown Derby part dinner service. Six oval dishes and 21 various plates.
    116An Alladin pink paraffin tin - 35 cms h£10-£20
    117A red and white vinyl upholstered swivel tub chair with label P.C.L. collection `Relaxation`£60-£80
    118A pair of stilts with adjustable footrests - 177 cms l£20-£40
    119A pair of Hammersley and Co bird salt and pepper pots.£10-£20
    120Four Royal Doulton figures. The Jester HN2016, Silk and Ribbons HN2017, Tea Time HN2255, Pied Piper HN2102. All perfect.£100-£200
    121Moorcroft pottery table lamp£40-£60
    122A 19thC French bamboo shooting stick - 80cms h£40-£60
    123Bloor Derby cabinet plate inscribed to reverse Chipping Norton Oxfordshire£50-£80
    124Beswick huntsman, beagles etc including rearing horse and rider, Beswick 868, all in good condition. (9)£150-£250
    125Bewick huntsman, beagles and horses all a/f except 2 unmarked brown foals.£20-£40
    12619thC tea service, 1 cup with hairline crack, others with slight grazing. £10-£20
    127Large quantity of glass including Murano paperweight, Mdina style vase etc.£10-£20
    128Caithness Diabolo paperweight. £10-£20
    129Glassware to include 19thC overlay lustres, Murano glass, cut glass etc.£20-£30
    130Cut glass mushroom lamp c1900£30-£50
    131A suite of good quality cut glasses (34 in total) £30-£50
    132Seven superbly etched brandy glasses and 4 tumblers (probably by Rowland Ward) depicting African big game£30-£50
    133Three pieces of good quality glass including sweet meat jar and cover, a/f to base and fine Georgian decanter. Largest 33cms£20-£30
    134Two cut glass lamps£40-£60
    135Victorian overlay glass scent bottle with silver mounts the cap bruised and base chipped 14cm long£20-£40
    136Quantity of plated ware£20-£40
    137Engraved glass jar with silver and tortoiseshell lid£80-£120
    138An RM brass paraffin blow torch lamp.£10-£20
    139A steam engine by Wurttemberg, early 20thC, 15cms h£50-£80
    140Late 18thC first period Worcester tea bowl and saucer, 3 flowers pattern in good condition.£50-£80
    141Two bags silver threepence pieces pre 1920 3.4ozt and pre 1946 4.2 ozt£30-£50
    142Silver kings pattern cutlery (61 pieces in total) mainly 1920's CB & S some additions inc. Viners 4 table spoons, 6 soups, 12 table forks, 12 dessert forks, 12 dessert spoons, 9 teaspoons 113ozt total wt. and 6 knives.£800-£1,200
    143Three boxed silver decanters labels, Whiskey, Brandy and Gin, London 1911 makers D & J Wellby£80-£120
    144Silver sugar tongs, Exeter 1844, William R. Sobey. £10-£20
    145A quantity of silver items to include cruet, pin tray, napkin ring and two flower shaped dishes£30-£50
    146Two silver candelabra, Birmingham 1973 - largest 23cms h £50-£80
    147A Georgian silver helmet cream jug, possibly John Lambe, London, 1789£40-£60
    148A collection of perfume bottles etc, mostly silver mounted, good used condition£30-£50
    149Vesta case and three miniature boxes£20-£40
    150Three Georgian silver tablespoons, various dates and makers - 5.9ozt£40-£60
    151Eight various silver spoons etc - 3.1 ozt£20-£40
    152Sheffield silver swing handled fretwork basket - 15 ozt £120-£180
    153A quantity of good quality plated ware to include Elkington bottle stand, photograph frame, horn mounted jug etc... £40-£60
    154Fine quality engine turned silver and enamel compact with import marks for H C Freeman with chamois cover£80-£120
    155Two silver backed mirrors and a small silver pot
    156Sheffield silver salver by Harrods R W Burbridge 19 ozt with dent.£150-£250
    157Pair silver specimen vases with another smaller £40-£60
    158Three piece silver condiment set 7.6ozt£50-£80
    159Victorian silver tea service London by Alexander Crichton 1876 18.5 ozt.£180-£240
    160A purple velvet sporting honours cap for 1920/21 made by Ede & Ravenscroft of London. Slight a/f to interior. £30-£50
    161A wooden stained and coopered baby bath/ training potty?£40-£60
    162A good quality early 20thC oak optometry case and contents, maker - F.Davidson & Co. 29 Gt. Portland St. London, 44 x 22cms closed.£80-£120
    163Two silver bowls 5.1 ozt£40-£60
    164London silver finger purse by Thomas Bishton 1914£30-£50
    165Nine various silver tablespoons£150-£250
    166A good quality desk globe by George F. Cram Company. mounted on a granite base, 40cms h£30-£50
    167Set of six London silver teaspoons 1804 by Stephen Adams 2.6ozt£20-£40
    168Pair silver ladles by W Ely 1843 4.2 ozt£40-£60
    169Set of six dessert forks W Ely 1844 10.2 ozt£80-£120
    170Ten various silver spoons and forks 10.4 ozt£70-£90
    171Six small silver items including 11 silver threepence pieces£30-£50
    172 Henry Chawner straight sided jug London 1832 6.3 ozt and creamer by John Emes 1802 4.8 ozt£100-£150
    173Victorian engraved silver teapot by J & G Angell 1841 21.1 ozt£150-£250
    174Elkington and Co. silver fruit bowl 26.5 cm diam. 26 ozt£200-£300
    175Six silver items ie 2 sauceboats, milk and sugar, small bowl and small pill box 18.1 ozt total£150-£250
    176Two sets coffee spoons plus three other spoons£20-£40
    177Three piece silver dressing table set with engine turned decoration£20-£40
    178Three silver napkin rings and sugar tongs£20-£40
    179Six silver spoons, Sheffield 1945.£20-£40
    180A silver cream jug - Adie Brothers, Birmingham 1920.£30-£50
    181A three piece silver tea service by CS Harris & Sons Ltd, London. 36.29 toz total, Teapot - 1929, Jug - 1928, Sugar Bowl - 1921.£300-£500
    182A vintage Swan glass ink bottle Circa 1940 Swan Mabie Todd and co. No.728126 - 20cms h£10-£20
    183A 20thC English Egyptian revival Thebes stool - 42cms x 42cms, 37cms h£60-£80
    184A 19thC boxwood shaker - 7cms h£20-£40
    185Six silver spoons - Sheffield 1922.£20-£40
    186Silver sugar sifter by Elizabeth and John Eaton 1863 with a bottom marked ladle indis.3.17£40-£80
    187A quantity of plated cutlery£20-£40
    188A good quality 19hC seal box containing 2 contemporary seals - 6cms d£20-£40
    189Good silver ladle 33cm long London 1816 by Thomas Wilkes Barker 7 ozt£60-£80
    190Two Peter & Ann Bateman table spoons 1799 and a Soloman Hougham 1802 in good condition 5.8 ozt 40£50-£80
    191Six silver table spoons 11.9 ozt£80-£120
    192Assortment of silver cutlery inc. dessert, tea, and salt spoons etc 18 ozt£120-£180
    193Set of six dessert spoons by Charles Boyton 1847 7.6 ozt£50-£80
    194Canteen of plated cutlery in case£10-£20
    195Danish silver letter opener marked .925 together with 3 silver spoons and white metal brooch and a silver badge. £30-£50
    196Silver Capstan inkwell Birmingham 1912 Henry Mathews£40-£60
    197Silver coffee/chocolate pot Mappin & Webb 1915 18cm h 8.3 ozt£80-£120
    198Plated entree dish, silver spoon and knife and white metal ladle. £30-£50
    199Italian canteen of cutlery marked 800 standard silver 105 items total in two presentaion boxes£300-£500
    200Six Scottish provincial table spoons by Edward Livingstone of Dundee c1820 13.4 ozt£200-£400
    201Good quality Victorian silver asparagus servers 1863 Elizabeth & John Eaton 26cms long 6.4 ozt£120-£180
    202Silver handled carving knife and fork with Beverley crest of a beaver Sheffield 1774? by William Binks & Co.£80-£120
    203Fine quality silver fish servers Birmingham 1865 prob. by John Gilbert & Co.£80-£120
    204A green onyx desk tidy mounted with cold painted bronze cock and hen pheasant - 11cms h, 15cms l, 14cms w£30-£50
    205A helmet-shaped silver cream jug, maker - George Nathan & Ridley Hayes, Chester 1902, 3.2oz - 9.5cms h£30-£50
    206VICKE LINDSTRAND, A 1930s "Iced" glass wine cooler by Vicke Lindstrand, Orrefors. - 21cms x 21cms.£50-£80
    207Assorted Victorian silver table forks all in good condition but with wear to the tines x15 37.7 ozt£200-£300
    208Assorted Victorian silver dessert forks x17 23.9 ozt tines worn£180-£240
    209Set of eight dessert spoons by Ely, Fearn & Chawner 1810 9.6 ozt£60-£100
    210A 19thC brass hand bell - 24cms h£20-£30
    211Chester silver vesta case and brass trivet.
    212Boxed continental plated cutlery£20-£30
    213Silver dish, napkin ring, 3 thimbles and set of 6 plated cake knives and forks£20-£40
    214Silver condiment set in fitted case B'ham G W Lewis & Co.£20-£40
    215Two silver vases 23 cms h, two Scottish silver sugar bows and a silver table spoon£60-£80
    216Three silver topped dressing table jars and silver backed brush.£20-£40
    217Plated ware including art nouveau jug, tray etc.£20-£30
    218Oak cased Mappin and Webb cutlery£50-£80
    219Pair James Dixon and Sons Arts and crafts silver candlesticks 1906 Sheffield 22 cms high in good condition£800-£1,200
    220Set of six coffee spoons in a case and a silver vesta box 1.85 ozt£30-£50
    221Pair silver toddy ladles by Emanuel Brothers 1859 3.77 ozt£40-£80
    222Four English silver coins 2.4 ozt£20-£30
    223Full sovereign 1907 and a half 1897£250-£350
    224Cutlery etc mainly silver (23).£20-£40
    225Six silver items including 2 pin trays, silver topped jar etc.£30-£50
    226Eight coins inc. Napoleon 1808 5 Francs nb assay marks to obverse, 1820 George III crown etc.£100-£200
    2279ct gold cased rotary wristwatch and bracelet.£200-£300
    228Moonstone ladies dress ring set in yellow metal, size s.£30-£50
    229Various items of jewellery including 19thC pendants and lockets etc.£30-£50
    230Victorian opal set ring in yellow metal. size O£80-£120
    2319ct gold dress ring set with black onyx size Q.£40-£60
    232Three bar brooches, 2 marked 9ct.£40-£60
    233Coral pendant mount in 9ct gold on 9ct chain together with cameo pendant mounted in 9ct gold.£40-£60
    234Opal and diamond ring set in 14 size O£150-£250
    235Good 9ct gold watch chain with 3 sovereigns and 2 half sovereigns and agate watch key 128gms total weight£1,600-£1,800
    236White metal cufflinks and 9ct gold gem set earrings.£20-£30
    237Ladies 9ct gold Omega wristwatch and bracelet.£200-£400
    238A large collection of costume jewellery.£30-£50
    239A 14 ct gold charm bracelet and charms, 12.8gms together with yellow metal pocket watch.£100-£200
    240Single row of natural stained grey pearls with yellow metal bead fastening - 47cms long £220-£240
    241Cartier ladies stainless steel tank watch stamped Cartier Automatique (going)£300-£500
    242A quality of costume jewellery in three boxes £30-£50
    243Good quality baroque pearl necklace the two strands held by a 14ct gold clasp£300-£500
    244Good quality four strand baroque pearl necklace with 14 ct gold clasp£300-£500
    245Georgian garnet brooch with yellow metal setting £40-£60
    246Cabachon cut emerald and diamond cluster ring, emerald 25 cts gem grade 4, 18 diamonds approx 2.70 cts size V£8,000-£12,000
    247Platinum and diamond solitaire ring 1.65 cts S1 clarity H-1 colour siz Q/R£2,000-£3,000
    248Sapphire and diamond 18ct gold cluster ring 4.55 cts sapphire grade good, and 1.44 diamonds size V/W condition good£2,500-£3,500
    249Ruby and diamond crescent brooch with 4.00 cts rubies and 0.76 cts diamonds£600-£1,000
    250Diamond set brooch with 5 x European old cut diamonds of 0.50 cts each approx. total 2.50cts plus 78 other diamonds approx total for the whole brooch 11.28 cts£2,000-£4,000
    251Platinum and diamond bar brooch with 22 Old European cut diamonds each 0.30 cts total approx. 6.60 cts in good condition£800-£1,200
    252Good graduated opal bead necklace, the two rows with an 18ct white gold, platinum and diamond clasp £800-£1,200
    253Very good emerald and diamond cluster ring the emerald 7.86 cts diamonds 2.9 cts size V£12,000-£16,000
    254Pretty enamel locket 21mm diam£40-£60
    255Diamond cluster ring with 18ct shank size Q£100-£200
    256Diamond ring in 18ct gold size O£100-£200
    257Diamond solitaire ring in 18ct gold£100-£200
    258Solitaire diamond ring 18ct gold size S/T£150-£250
    259Ladies 9ct gold propelling pencil£50-£80
    260Four various 9ct gold bar brooches£60-£80
    261String of pearls and 3 brooches inc. 15ct and seed pearl£30-£50
    262Three 19th c lockets inc.small round one marked 15ct£60-£80
    263Ladies 14ct gold Mersmann wrist watch£30-£50
    264Georg Jenson sterling silver brooch marked in full to the reverse.£200-£300
    265Various items of vintage jewellery to include silver and marcasite necklace, brooch and earrings together with shell cameo, brooch, necklace and earrings.£30-£50
    266Coral beads with 9ct gold clasp - 32cms l£20-£40
    267Norwegian silver and enamel brooch by Oystein Balle c1960 marked to rear£40-£60
    268A quantity of good quality costume jewellery to inlcude 19thC brooches£30-£50
    269Six various watches including 18ct gold cased, 9ct cased Ingersoll nurses watch etc.£80-£120
    270Garrard's 9ct gold ladies wristwatch in original box£80-£100
    271Miscellany including Smith's pocket watch, silver cased watch, 9ct gold tie pin, cufflinks etc.£30-£50
    272A quantity of cap badges and uniform buttons.£20-£30
    273Three gentlemen's wristwatches including Rotary, HMO and other.£10-£20
    274Various items of mainly 9ct jewellery including rings, pendant watch etc.£80-£120
    275Omega Ladymatic ladies wristwatch 18ct yellow gold case and bracelet. Gross weight 29.3gms.£300-£500
    276Two 19thC pocket watches, fork, pince nez and pencil.£40-£60
    277Gold 9ct necklace and chain. 20.3gms together with 18ct gold watch case with glass 2.6gms£150-£200
    278Yellow metal gem set and enamel brooch in the form of a vintage car .Slight a/f to enamel. Marked to the reverse Killiney 1907. £80-£120
    279Miscellany to include silver bracelet, frame and cuff links. Also spectacle case, brooches, ring etc. £40-£60
    280A 9ct gold RAF wings badge and 9ct cameo ring and pair Mercury Club cuff links£40-£60
    281An 18ct white gold and diamond solitaire ring size R£800-£1,200
    282White metal and diamond eternity ring size Q£200-£300
    283Christian Dior necklace in original box stamped CD 1958 63 garnets and 23 aura quartz£150-£250
    284Vintage jewellery box and costume jewellery including silver and marcasite ladies dress watch, silver and malachite bracelet etc.£40-£60
    285Black opal and diamond cluster ring set in 18ct yellow gold, opal 15mms x 11mms.£300-£500
    286Collection of stamps some in albums including penny red, etc.£20-£40
    287Mahogany 19thC five dial barometer missing cornice. £40-£60
    288Miscellany including collectors plates, plated wine coaster with silver centre, Triumph belt etc.£10-£20
    289Framed Yeoward Brothers line Steamer menus from 17/5/09-19/5/09. 30cms x 91cms. £20-£30
    290Good set brass fire irons x 3£20-£40
    291Four binoculars, Ross of London, Tohyoh, Zenith and Imperator. £30-£50
    292Modern jewellery casket and oak inlaid box.£10-£20
    293Five medals for Capt. A Causey 5/8 Punjab R. Defence, Service, Burma Star, 1939 Star S>E> Asia with bar 1945-46£100-£200
    294Four WW II medals inc. the Atlantic Star£50-£80
    295Collection of military cap badges£30-£50
    296Collection of badges£10-£20
    297A White Whale by Sam Taplin, 119cms, son of Guy Taplin, bought from the sculpture exhibition in 2002. £30-£50
    298A Shark by Sam Taplin, 119cms, son of Guy Taplin, bought from the sculpture exhibition in 2002. £30-£50
    299A Blue Fish by Sam Taplin, 129cms, son of Guy Taplin, bought from the sculpture exhibition in 2002. £30-£50
    300A Barracuda by Sam Taplin, son of Guy Taplin, 73cms, bought from the sculpture exhibition in 2002. £30-£50
    301Sheraton mahogany and cross banded sewing box with fitted bobbins etc.£30-£50
    302Two mid Victorian Daguerreotypes in cases£20-£40
    303Mahogany work box with cotton reel holders 24 x 31 cms£20-£40
    304Brass and copper plant stand of Arts and Crafts design 104 cms high£50-£80
    305A quantity of copper and brass to include kettle, pans and poker etc.£10-£20
    306A tortoise shell 20cms x 11cms. Good condition.£20-£30
    307Small Victorian foot stool£20-£40
    308Good 19thC oil lamp on swinging bracket£100-£200
    309Fine quality French clock garniture with hand painted enamel panels, clock gilding restored. 51h x 27w max£500-£800
    310Robert "Mouseman" Thompson mantle clock two elephants flanking the clock 44 cm wide£500-£800
    311Baby grand piano by Collard & Collard w - 141, d - 161, h - 95cms BUYER MUST COLLECT SOON AFTER AUCTION£300-£400
    312Carved mahogany standard lamp 143cms h £10-£20
    313Chinese hardwood stand with embroidered silk panel - 29cms h £20-£40
    314Fisherman aneroid barometer issued by the Royal National Life Boat - Institution no. 2740 Dolland - 17cms d£40-£60
    315Early 19thC finely carved ivory handled walked stick depicting a dog, one glass eye missing 79.5cms £100-£200
    316Fine quality ornate Admiral Fitzroy Barometer in good original condition - mid 19thC£100-£200
    317Metalware to include German iron candlestick, 32cms h, trivet, plated tray etc.£30-£50
    318Pekin glass vase and stand, carved wooden Chinese figure screen and KPM Mandarin 23cms h.£60-£80
    319Three 19thC pot lids including Buckingham palace in good condition, The battle of the Nile (nibbles to edge) and ships. £80-£120
    320Miscellany including vintage telephone with crack, Bakelite jug, chess set, Royal Doulton decanter (chip to stopper and loss to paint)£40-£60
    321Bronze figure of a grape picker 36cms.£60-£80
    322Miscellany to include French Military 6th Infantry wooden stand, Coldstream Guards Peak Cap, Art Deco style figure, 19thC bottle stand. (8) £60-£80
    323Miscellany to including Head of an Inuit in green granite by Douglas Govan Estepona, glass paperweights, etc (9)£40-£60
    324Georgian mahogany knife box 35cms h.£60-£80
    325Good quality peat bellows 50cms l.£40-£60
    326Two copper & brass warming pans with fruitwood handles, brass chestnut roaster and marmalade cutter. £20-£40
    327Silver topped jar, Cloisoné jar on stand and miniature painting on easel.£20-£40
    328Heart shaped brass framed mirror - 42cms h £20-£40
    329Two decorative wooden boxes, one inlad with a Cock-a-too in specimen woods. 34cms d.£60-£80
    330Two modern lamps, one with violin/viola necks.£20-£40
    331Early 20thC Chinese lacquer bed tray, 53cms l x 29cms w. £30-£50
    332Interesting framed stone axe, 64cms x 32cms.£20-£30
    333Superb large Inuit hardstone carving a man with 2 bears 15 cms high x 30 cm long signed £200-£400
    334Aneroid barometer B.Mallinson, Huddersfield.£20-£40
    335A quantity of copper including kettle, measures and bugle from National Reserve, Leeds.£30-£50
    336Rare Chinese officers sword by E & F Hörsten of Solingen c1900 the blade Hörsten with Chinese Imperial Dragon in good used condition.£300-£500
    337Miscellany to include oak spoon rack, two jewellery boxes, a tray and 2 stands. (6)£20-£40
    338Miscellany to include Victorian games, Walt Disney film strip lantern, reclining female cane handle etc. £40-£60
    339A swing shield mirror - excellent condition£50-£80
    340A good quality pole screen £30-£50
    345Various Oriental items including Chinese cinnabar laquer box, lazy susan, miniature furniture and enamel vase. 26cms h.£30-£50
    346Chinese items including rose quartz jar in box, soapstone ornament - 33cms, two interior painted Chinese snuff bottles and stand.£30-£50
    347Three various buddhas and jade seal, tallest - 19cms.£20-£30
    348Miscellany to include 3 boxes, 19thC mirror etc...
    349A 19thC papier-mâché floral painted tea caddy, 18cms x 11cms x 13cms h£80-£120
    350A quantity of metalware to include 2 copper trays, pestle and mortar and Benares ware, chalice etc..£20-£40
    351Two 19thC doorstops to include brass Napoleon signed Jack Thomas to rear and cast iron portley cleric in cast iron. - 26cms h.£30-£50
    352A quantity of unusual wooden items to include 'magic' money box, carved wild boar etc... (11)£20-£40
    353Various Chinese objects including wooden dog of Foo, Buddhas in brass 21cms h & ceramic, stands etc...£50-£80
    354Nine various boxes including mauchline ware box, slight a/f to top,WW II aluminium box, Rowntrees tin, snuff box etc...£30-£50
    355Assorted brass objects to include a pair of good quality cannons, horse brasses etc...£20-£40
    356A reenactment helmet on display stand.£10-£20
    358A bronze figure of a dog£60-£80
    359Good bronze Art Deco figure "The Juggler" by Claire Colinet with broken arm£100-£200
    360Bone handled penknife with two mother of pearl and silver fruit knives£30-£50
    361Samson Mordan 9ct gold penknife one blade damaged£100-£200
    362Tortoiseshell and yellow metal snuff box 5.5cm w and a good circular treen box 4cm h both 19th century£50-£80
    363Ten miniature cloissoné vases on stands£30-£50
    364Miscellany to include bone handled button hooks, map measurer, compass etc.£10-£20
    365Two vintage violins both with 2 bows in cases£50-£80
    366Leather faux book ladies companion missing thimble£5-£10
    367Large good quality model of a Humber Keel in glass case£50-£100
    368Reproduction brass lantern clock of usual form approx. 42 cms high striking on gong£200-£400
    369 Set of vintage brass and mahogany scales £40-£80
    370Mahogany cased 19/20thC baragraph£80-£120
    371A 19thC brass ship's binnacle with oil lamp£20-£40
    372Two 19thC telescopes 1, 4 drawer Ross London cased & 1 Hutchinson & Jackson Sunderland lacking leather with one modern cased£80-£120
    373Miscellany inc. Harrods three burner hot plate, brass trivet etc.£20-£40
    374Japanese Meiji period ivory tusk vase carved and stained all round with elephants and tigers with insect signature underside of lid. 15cm high£200-£400
    375Japanese ivory 19thC okimono of a skeleton and a rat 6.5 cms high £100-£200
    376Japanese Meiji period okimono of two dogs 4.5 cms wide (chip to a claw)£100-£200
    377Two 19thC Japanese ivory netsuke one a deer laying down 5 cm and a crouching man.£200-£400
    378Japanese Meiji period carved and stained ivory box and contents inc. Mother of pearl and bone. £50-£80
    379Three aircraft clocks inc. Jaeger, and two hand held compasses in cases£100-£200
    38019thC Holy Bible, illustrated and brass mounted 33 x 26 cms.£20-£30
    38118thC Welsh leather bound bible in leather case.£40-£60
    382Miscellany including brass top spirit levels, small brass cased telescope, money box etc£10-£20
    383Five fine quality bronze medallions by Jean Asselbergs 1928 - 2015 with a poster relating.£80-£120
    384WW I two Mercantile Marine medals with 1914-18 medal for Edward Raywell with a photo in uniform.£40-£60
    385Good gorge cased carriage clock with original shagreen case with repeater English movement Good gilt decoration with some losses to face.£300-£500
    386Late 19thC brass carriage clock in shagreen case£60-£100
    387Pioneering digital clock invented, patented and made in Hull by T Bromley. Inventor T Bromley patented this as the first digital clock and received an award at the Salon des Inventors in Brussels in 1964£200-£400
    388A large box full of records to include Pinocchio (BD 821), The Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Group, The Ink Spots, Evilyn In Knight etc...
    389Victorian Walnut tea caddy with mother of pearl inlays and a rosewood work box 20.5 x 13.5 cms£50-£80
    390Tortoiseshell with silver pique work card case 10.5 x 8cms£30-£50
    391Miscellany inc. miniature silver photo frames, etc£40-£60
    392Five 19thC lace bobbins inc. bone and ivory£10-£20
    393Box lot miscellanea inc. thimbles, scissors etc.£20-£40
    394Good quality crocodile skin travelling case with silver topped glass pots handle torn£100-£200
    395Pair of gothic revival brass enamel and beaded with banded agate candlesticks 30cms high£100-£200
    396Bisque headed doll by Schützmeister, 1910. 36cms l.£40-£60
    397Small Edwardian mahogany mantle clock, Bayard carriage clock and small Bayard travelling clock£50-£80
    398Good 19thC rosewood mercurial barometer£50-£80
    399Collection of badges medals, commemorative coins etc.£10-£20
    400Good brass sexton in wood case by Sewill Maker to the Royal Navy Liverpool£80-£120
    401South Africa medal with 2 clasps 1901 - 1902 Pte. T Coultate West Yorks. Reg.£40-£60
    402Collection ivory backed dressing accessories inc. 2 glove stretchers£50-£80
    403Gentleman's accessories x5£10-£20
    404Two brushes, shoe horn and two button hooks all with silver mounts and another brush£30-£50
    405Vintage Jennings Govenor chrome fruit machine£400-£600
    406Vintage Jennings Govenor chrome fruit machine£400-£600
    407Bronze of prancing horse 42 h x 44 w£100-£200
    408Bronze "After the races" signed J Willis Good 33h x 23w£100-£200
    409Webber and Hill continental stainless steel boxed cutlery.£10-£20
    410A Cash's woven silk picture, 'Royal Horseguard' in original box.£10-£20
    411Cash's woven silk pictures of five birds and one butterfly.£20-£30
    412Six Cash's woven silk pictures of birds in original boxes. £30-£50
    413A large quantity of Buckingham Pewter Soldiers, some with boxes. (20)£50-£80
    414Late 19thC postcard albums and contents, mainly ecclesiastical.£30-£50
    415Late 19thC postcard album and contents including world war I, Paris, Atlantic City etc.£30-£50
    416Pewter models including Buckingham, Merlin and Evergreen collection.£40-£60
    417Two books of cigarette cards, Players & Wills, box containing loose cards including silks.£10-£20
    418A 19thC lacquer and mother of pearl inlaid jewellery box, 17cms x 23cms.£20-£40
    419Album containing numerous late 19th/early 20thC greeting cards, some a/f.£40-£60
    420Miscellany to include quill pens, boxes of nibs, fan, moustache wax etc.£20-£40
    421Two vintage police helmets.£20-£40
    422A 19thC decorated truncheon. 45cms. £40-£60
    423A 19thC decorated truncheon/tipstaff, 31cms.£40-£60
    424Oriental lacquer work oval mirror with bevel edged glass. 59cms x 87cms w.£30-£50
    425A large collection of cigarette cards, some in books.£30-£50
    426Postcard album and contents.£30-£50
    427Good bronze Guanyin figure late 19th/early 20thC 95 cms high£600-£800
    428WMF cold painted figure of a boy with top hat and umbrella 10cms high£100-£200
    429Metal money box Mr. Peanut Planters 19 cms high£10-£20
    430Four 19thC whalebone walking sticks£100-£200
    431Two decorative walking sticks£20-£40
    432Two maritime walking sticks and a silver mounted baton/pointer by Adolph Frankham£100-£200
    433Two pewter soldiers, pewter plate and Burmese white metal swing handled dish
    434Various compass cards£10-£20
    435Small chrome plated ships clock with alarm 9cms diam£20-£40
    436Small leather suitcase and contents inc. silver, penknives etc.£30-£50
    437Oil lamp with brass Corinthian column and cracked coloured shade with another glass lamp and two decanters£30-£50
    438Breweriana x 6 inc. Babycham, White Horse Guinness etc.£20-£40
    439Four brass pans and a posher£10-£20
    440Early 20thC field binoculars used in WW I.£10-£20
    441Two 19thC photograph albums with contempory photographs £40-£60
    442Kelly's directory of Hull, 1933 & a book of The Life Of Christ by the Rev John Fleetwood, D.D purchased in 1875.£10-£20
    443Arthur Rackham first edition Mother Goose The Old Nursery Rhymes good condition£50-£80
    444Poetical Sketches of Scarborough 1893 6/260 well bound with Hinderwells Scarborough 2nd ed.£50-£80
    445Vintage postcard album and a number of loose cards£10-£20
    446A boxed Meccano set.£20-£40
    447A quantity of Hornby 00 gauge railway including Intercity 125 and transformer etc.£40-£60
    448A quantity of Hornby 00 gauge railway including Intercity 125 and transformer etc.£40-£60
    449Vintage Japanese tin plate Father Christmas and two plastic dolls£20-£40
    450Armand Marseille, 'Shirley Temple' doll 60cms h. Early 20thC composition head and body with brown glass closing eyes, open mouth with teeth and chips to nose and forehead.£20-£40
    451A collection of Trix to include motor, Continental tyres etc.£30-£50
    452A boxed Hornby speed boat, No 2. Swift. 39890.£40-£60
    453Vintage bottle of Champagne Tattinger 1964£150-£250
    454Amandios 1945 Old Tawny Port£30-£50
    455Various bottles of alcohol including Coronation Ale June 22nd 1911, vintage 1996 Christmas Ale and 4 miniatures .£10-£20
    45619thC French Livery jacket. Generally in good condition apart from moth hole to sleeve and tear to lining £60-£80
    457Excellent quality pail mink and white fox fur jacket, silk lined. Immaculate condition.£250-£350
    458Excellent quality pail mink and white fox fur jacket, silk lined. Immaculate condition.£250-£350
    459Patchwork quilt, quilt cover and pieces ready to make.£20-£30
    460Vintage pageboy outfit together with photograph and yellow child's tailcoat.£10-£20
    461Good woolwork picture of HMS St. George 1851 small sampler plaque H. A. Joined St. George July 22 1851 some slight pulls but in good general order remounted recently£100-£200
    462Vintage Tescan fur coat size 14?£50-£80
    463Good quality Christening gown with a photograph of baby wearing it in 1926£15-£25
    464Late Qing dynasty Buzi or Mandarin square 29 x 30 in form of tip top table£80-£120
    465Large Chinese green ground rug 395 x 275cms £50-£80
    466Large hand knotted silk rug. 362 X 260cms £100-£200
    467Silk hand knotted rug 201 x 121cms - well worn£30-£50
    468Short dark brown mink jacket, good condition, approximately size 12 £60-£80
    469Two hand knotted vintage rugs £50-£80
    470Two vintage Chinese dressing gowns, one slighty a/f.£20-£30
    47119thC woolwork sampler by Mildred Bainbridge£30-£50
    472Silk sampler by Elizabeth Thornbrough 1790 some damage 31 x 32 cms£30-£50
    473Alice Edward's "Italians" 1950's dress. Labelled 16 .Good condition.
    474Marida Donaldson vintage silk, taffeta and velvet dress. Labelled 16. Very good condition.£20-£30
    475Vintage costume to include 2 dresses and 2 skirt and top sets. Good condition.£20-£30
    476A good quality pale mink three quarter jacket approx size 12.£200-£300
    477Vintage fur coat , approx size 12, slight damage to lining.£20-£40
    478A sampler Clara Ann Fawson Roman Terrace School aged 11, 1888. 24cmsx 24cms.£10-£20
    479Good quality Tony Armstrong evening coat. Lacking 2 buttons at waist and slight a/f to both inside underarm. £20-£40
    480Madison Avenue London red evening dress. Slight marks to fabric. Labelled size 16.£10-£20
    4811970's matching skirt and jacket by Stewart ,Harrogate. Good condition apart from marks to fabric in various places. £30-£50
    482Vintage pink satin evening dress with lace and bead work appliqué.£30-£50
    483A vintage cream coloured fur jacket.£20-£30
    484Musquash fur coat.£20-£30
    485Vintage sequined dress, strapless dress and bolero and velvet skirt, all 1980's.£10-£20
    486A quantity of 1950/60s costume including trouser suit, two tank tops, underwear etc.£20-£40
    487A pair of 1960/70s curtains,160cms w x 220cms l.£20-£40
    488Vintage red wool coat, small darn with 1960s fur trimmed dress. Tear to fur at bottom.£10-£20
    489May of London vintage Mackintosh, good condition. Marked UK size 14. £10-£20
    490A 1960's dress marked size 18, good condition.£20-£30
    491Musquash fur coat together with faux fur hat. £10-£20
    492A signed limited edition Russel Flint print. 51cms x 68cms. £50-£80
    493A signed limited edition Russel Flint print. 'The Pendant' 53cms x 70cms. £30-£50
    494A signed limited edition Russel Flint print. 47cms x 62cms. £50-£80
    495Rembrandt print of a man by a stair rail well framed£40-£60
    496Two Rembrandt prints framed and glazed£50-£80
    4974 x 19thC hawking prints £30-£50
    498Two Cecil Aldin prints£50-£80
    499Marion Rhodes 1907-1988 Print of the Coronation? 28 x 35 cm signed in pencil£20-£40
    500Two J Steven Dews prints signed in pencil 54.5 x 75 cm£80-£120
    501Watercolour by Helga von Cramm late 19thC signed and inscribed Menton£100-£200
    502Tony Upson original acrylic on board, Stirling Moss driving in picture for Mercedes, framed, measures 120 x 240 cms.£500-£800
    503A good quality ivory portrait miniature of an RAF pilot in uniform 8 x 6 cm£80-£120
    504Good mid 19thC portrait miniature of a lady of quality 8 x 6.5 cm£100-£200
    505Good quality oval pastel portrait of a lady by Jane Masters Rogers London 1823-1909 46.5 cms high£200-£400
    506Good oil on canvas littoral by John Francis Bland 1864-1951£300-£500
    507Two Raymond Oliver paintings "Carnival" & "St. Marks Square Venice" 21.5 x 17 cms£50-£80
    508Raymond Oliver acrylic on paper San Marco Venice£20-£60
    509Ballet Dancers an early work by Neil Helyard of Beverley oil on board 34 x 24 cm signed£30-£50
    510Neil Helyard of Beverley unfinished portrait, canvas stretched on panel 19 x 29 cms£30-£50
    511A Jack Rigg oil on board, St.Winston Churchill signed lower left J.Rigg 1987. 29 x 39cms £100-£200
    512Two 19thC oil on board landscapes, one signed lower left - £60-£80
    513A mid 19thC good quality portrait of two ladies of distinction painted on porcelain , frame size - 17cms x 13.5cms £100-£200
    514Two watercolour dog portraits By A Stevenson inc. Drummer Winner of four prizes and another both signed and dated 1894 Drummer 19 x 24cms£100-£200
    515Small 18/19thC religious oil on canvas 23 x 21cms good age related condition with no restoration£100-£200
    516Good watercolour and gouache street scene by Jules Girardet (1856-19460 "Hors concours un caprice" signed lowere right 44 x 54 cms good condition slight damage to frame£300-£500
    517Three watercolours of Whitby by Austin Smith all signed£100-£200
    518Two Austin Smith watercolours off Whitby£50-£80
    519Watercolour by Frank McKelvey 1895-1974 25 x 36 cms (spotting to inside of glass)£200-£400
    520Pair watercolour coastal scenes by Theo J Gracie 1895-1959 17 x 24.5 cm (spotting to inside of glass)£100-£200
    52118thC portrait of a young boy with flowers and a tricorn hat. Oil on canvas in good original condition 75 x 53 cms£300-£500
    522Watercolour of Bishop Burton by R W Sayle? 33 x 67 cms£30-£50
    523Botanical watercolour by Marion Rhodes signed 36 x 48cms£40-£60
    524Watercolour painting of flowers by Marion Rhodes 1907 - 1988 signed and dated 1975 41 x 27 cms£30-£50
    525An oil on canvas hunting scene, signed l.r B.Collins. 60cms x 91cms.£20-£40
    526E K Redmore oil on board seascape 29.5 x 46 cms£100-£200
    527Naive country scene Wamill Cottage by L Rudland 11.5 x 19.5 cms£10-£20
    528Ship's portrait of "Eagle Point, and a print of SS Commander by HR£30-£50
    529Framed watercolour lake scene with cottage in foreground, 29cms x 20cms.£20-£40
    530A watercolour littoral 'Shrimpers' by James Walter Gozzard. Signed l.r, 30cms x 37cms.£100-£200
    531Small 19thC oil on panel littoral£50-£80
    532Oil on board, 'One Of The Crew' David W. Haddon RBA, signed l.r, DW Haddon 97. 29.5cms x 22cms.£150-£250
    533Oak longcase clock by George Parker of Wisbech£100-£200
    534A good quality envelope card table. £40-£60
    535Good 18thC bow front chest with brushing slide all original 94 x 58 x 95cms£400-£600
    536Georgian mahogany Chippendale style elbow chair£80-£120
    537Interesting early small table with fruitwood top on oak base amended£100-£200
    538Georgian mahogany caddy top chest with splay bracket feet 107 x 50 x 103cms h£100-£200
    539Victorian walnut occasional table 72 x 45 x 34 cms£60-£80
    540Three various Georgian mahogany elbow chairs£80-£120
    541Georgian piecrust table with amended action£30-£50
    542Old reproduction mahogany serpentine sideboard£100-£200
    543Fine Gillows style extending dining table the concertina action with three original leaves c 1800 113 x 107 cms with 3 leaves approx 53 cms each£2,000-£4,000
    544Fine quality Sheraton inlaid mahogany card table with double action 91 cms diam. good condition£200-£400
    545Edwardian inlaid mahogany desk 121 x 52 cms£100-£200
    546Victorian mahogany desk 99 x 55 cms£100-£200
    547Mid century extending dining table 152 x 89 cms with 2 x 45cm leaves good cond. with some marks to the top£200-£400
    548Reproduction mahogany bow front chest of drawers with brushing slide 76 cms wide£100-£200
    549Rosewood 1960's wall cupboard possibly Mackintosh 183 x 42 x 20cm£100-£200
    550A 1970's Teak veneered hall cupboard with pullout stool - 175cms h, 108cms w, 35cms d £30-£50
    551Four finely carved mid 19thC salon chairs by Richardsons of Hull£100-£200
    552Good quality 19thC walnut nursing chair in need of TLC£80-£120
    553Good quality inlaid rosewood triangular drop leaf table c1870£200-£400
    554Good quality mahogany extending dining table with two leaves and 8 chairs with reeded legs by John Mason of Beverley£500-£800
    555A good quality burr walnut bureau with well fitted interior. £80-£120
    556Decorative good quality hanging wall shelves. £20-£40
    557Good quality serpentine fronted mahogany chest of drawers. £80-£120
    558Fine quality Regency mahogany pedestal sideboard£150-£250
    559Set of 8 early 19thC mahogany dining chairs 6 & 2 (two later copy singles)£500-£800
    560Georgian mahogany extending dining table in good condition£200-£400
    561Dutch mahogany writing table with green baize inset£80-£120
    56219thC walnut and inlaid Davenport desk - 53 w x 97 h x 45cms d £80-£120
    563A 19thC oak side table, drawer to front - 74 w x 67 h x 52cms d - top a/f -£20-£30
    56419thC rosewood foldover card table with drawer top front, red baize interior - 91 w x 75 h x 46cms d - Loss to veneer in places - crack to top £50-£80
    56519thC oak side table with carved frieze to front - 61 w x 70 h x 38cms d £20-£40
    566Robert "Mouseman" Thompson octagonal occasional table 47h x 50 diameter£100-£200
    567Continental double height carved oak corner cupboard - glazing to top of door - 238 l x100 w x 78cms d £100-£200
    568Oak chest of drawers, cross banding to drawers, 2 short over 2 long - crack to top 87 w x 46 d x 81cms h£30-£50
    569Robert "Mouseman" Thompson coffee table 91w x 45h x 37d£200-£400
    570An early 20thC sidetable, 3 drawers to front - 98 w x 76 h x 44cms d £20-£40
    571An Edwardian mahogany display cabinet with single glazed door decorated with string inlay and painted corners - 62 w x 144 h x 45cms d£50-£80
    572Good vintage Robert "Mouseman" Thompson sideboard three drawers flanked by two cupboards 184w x 82h x 47d£2,000-£3,000
    57319thC mahogany foldover tea table on square tapered legs with string inlay 91 w x 74 h x 45cms d £40-£60
    574Hardwood cabinet, 2 doors over 2 drawers. 76 w x 124 h x 48cms d£40-£60
    575A 19thC mahogany bookcase, two glazed doors, veneer slightly a/f 124 w x 192 h x 33cms d £50-£80
    576A reproduction mahogany sofa table 92 w x 74 h x 59cms d £30-£50
    577Mahogany display cabinet with single glazed door over drawer with arched pediment. 66 w x 38 d x 189cms l £50-£80
    578A Mouseman octagonal table made by Robert Thompson of Kilburn. 104 x 105 cms w, 60.5cms h £400-£600
    579A three seater sofa, 18thC style with mahogany legs and stretcher (broken & glued to parts) 184 W X 106 h x 80cms d£80-£120
    580A 19thC mahogany sideboard with serpentine front and lion mask brass handles with string inlay - a/f to places £50-£80
    581Carved mahogany torchere - glued leg £10-£20
    58220thC mahogany card table - 83 w, 75 h, 41 d£50-£80
    583A 19thC folding chair together with a firescreen with stamps on. £20-£40
    584Good quality mahogany serpentine chest of drawers with reeded corner columns, all original condition. 125cms w, 103cms h, 55cms d£300-£500
    58518thC mahogany bureau on ogee bracket feet with replacement handles and feet - 94cms w, 50cms d, 108cms h £100-£200
    586Oriental carved hardwood folding table with dragons carved to top.£40-£60
    587A Celtic Design spinning chair by Ben Setter of Totnes£30-£50
    588A superb 17thC oak joined backstool£80-£120
    5891950's Italian table with hand painted harlequin signed indistinct Roverlac? With similar inscription beneath £200-£400
    59018thC Oak coffer with candle box in superb condition and colour. £200-£400
    591Oak gateleg table with well turned legs in good condition£100-£200
    592Fine quality French mahogany elbow chairs, superbly upholstered and well carved £200-£400
    593Mahogany D end dining table with gate leg leaf£50-£80
    594A washstand complete with jug and bowl £20-£40
    595A corner cabinet with marble top - 95cms h, 70cms w, 42cms d - repair to back of marble£30-£50
    596Chinese hardwood table £40-£60
    597A tall wine table in Regency style £20-£40
    598A dressing table with mirror in good condition£20-£40
    599A corner washstand £50-£80
    600A pair of G-Plan coffee tables - Eric Gomme (early mark) £30-£50
    601A pair of Danish Oak cabinets (R and L handed)£50-£80
    60218thC oak coffer with original hinges and candle box £80-£120
    603Mahogany table with drawer £30-£50
    604A Georgian glazed corner cupboard with original glass. £80-£120
    605Early 19thC Pembroke table £20-£40
    606A Georgian mahogany washstand £20-£40
    607Modern mahogany bijouterie cabinet of coffee table height 88 cms wide£60-£80
    60819thC folding chair lacking upholstery.£10-£20
    609Fine quality mid 19thC mahogany wardrobe with two doors with slides over drawers£100-£200
    610Globe Wernicke sectional bookcase£100-£200
    611Good quality large Victorian three section wardrobe£100-£200
    612Small mahogany blanket box c1800 on bracket feet missing candle drawer 49w x 29h x 26d£60-£80
    613Globe Wernicke sectional bookcase£50-£80
    614Fine quality Regency rosewood credenza with replaced grill 168cms w x 86cms h x 44cms d£300-£500
    615Early 19thC beechwood and cane chair.£50-£80
    61619thC nursing chair.£50-£80
    617Good set of four Regency elbow chairs in the manner of Thomas Hope ex. High Melton Hall with image of them in the Drawing Room of High Melton Hall in Doncaster Council archives.£300-£500
    618Good Victorian large 3 section bookcase with glazing to upper doors 248 h x 130w£200-£400
    619Victorian mahogany two door bookcase glazing to upper doors 230 h x 130 w£100-£200
    620Set of six mid 19thC leather upholstered rosewood chairs.£100-£200
    621Mid 19thC mahogany dining table with two leaves£50-£80
    622Edwardian mahogany writing table with 2 drawers and leather inset£30-£50
    623Good quality large oak refectory table c1900 264 x 117 cms and a good set of 8 (6 & 2) wainscot chairs£600-£1,000
    625Edwardian mahogany and inlay display cabinet with serpentine glass£80-£120
    626Victorian oval rosewood and inlay loo table£50-£80
    627Victorian mahogany torchere and hall chair£20-£40
    628A vintage child's roll top desk and swivel chair with lift up seat by Taylor.£20-£40
    629Small glass display table 33 x 46 cms£40-£60
    630Two re-consituted stone statues on pedestals, large figure 118 cms high both pedestals 40cms high£80-£120
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